I reached out to Jennifer as she had trained a puppy of mine in the past. I like her style of training and most importantly it works. I have a 5 yr old German Shepherd, a one yr old Rottie and one yr old Chihuahua.  Bigger dogs were causing us injuries when we walked them. They were pulling or should I say dragging us on these walks. All were barking and trying to chase people and other dogs. Total nightmare. After we got thru with the training not only was I able to walk them but my younger daughters were also able to. They are work in progress still but we do not dread having walk to them anymore. Thank you Jen!

Brenda O.

Rukus, Winnie & Pixie

Blu is my first official puppy, as a result I spoiled him and came up with excuses for his many "accidents."  As weeks past I can see that he was getting out of hand; chewing on shoes, feet, anything that he can get a hold of.  I was worried that I may not be the right parent for him , but I didn't want to give up either.  I started asking around about dog trainer help. GG’s grooming referred me to Jennifer that same day my niece found ThePolitePuppy business card. Jennifer came to evaluate Blu behavior and right away she assured me that "WE CAN FIX IT" that comment alone took the stress and worry away from me.  We started the training session right away and found that Blu caught on to everything quickly and was eager for the attention and to learn new tricks and commands. I just want to express how wonderful Jennifer has been and flexible with training session to items that I would like to focus on. I also learn tremendous of information from our session.  I can now say Blu no longer has accidents in the house and listens to me.  Having and meeting Jennifer has been a Great Game changer for me and Blu.

Elle T.


Jennifer came when my puppy was in the midst of a shy/scared/untrusting phase. Jennifer was patient and explained everything to me, including the behaviors Oakley was exhibiting and why, which was incredibly helpful to know. Over the course of our sessions, Oakley learned everything I needed her to (and then some)! This included sit, stay, down, off, roll over, spin, wait, leave it, drop it, and more! When we had any specific issues, like Oakley finding socks around the house to play with or passing people and dogs on our walks, Jennifer knew exactly how to correct these issues. She taught me how to communicate with Oakley, which has ultimately strengthened our bond. Everything that Jennifer said would happen with Oakley if we kept working with her on things, has happened, and it has been so awesome to see her progression over such a short period of time. I know that with the tools and feedback Jennifer has given me, Oakley will soon go from a polite puppy to a polite adult dog that listens exceptionally well! Jennifer with The Polite Puppy exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Rachel P.


Jen has been such a lifesaver. Cabo has learned so much, not just him, but us as well. At one point, we wanted to get rid of Cabo because we could not control him, but when Jen came, he was just a different dog! We could not thank Jen enough. Not only Cabo loves her, but my children adore her. She is the best!

Sergio & Lizbeth


Jennifer Matranga from the Polite Puppy is amazing! My dog went from wild and unruly to obeying commands and not jumping at all. She comes to your home and works with your schedule. She teaches the whole family how to interact with the dog.

Jacquedda V.


Dear Jennifer,

I want to thank you for training our babies. It was a great experience for us.

Because you are such a wonderful person and an excellent trainer.

We are very happy with your service and we are planning for an advanced training later once the kids are older.

I consider you a friend now and not just the trainer of our dogs. I am glad we met you and we had a chance to work with you.

Best regards

Gene and Paula

Loki & Lady Sif

Jennifer had a solution to every problem and used adaptive methods for what I was comfortable with. Training my Shepherd puppy at home allowed us to correct problem areas immediately. I highly recommend her services.

Anthony N.


We rescued Bella from a shelter and she was very aggressive towards women and children. We only had three weeks before family with small children were coming to visit. I originally didn’t think it was possible, but Jennifer worked with her twice a week and was able to calm Bellas fears to the point where she was no longer nipping at my wife and able to politely meet strangers. The family visit went great!

Allen S.


The best thing we ever did was take these girls to Jennifer.  We weren’t watching and a little girl about two years old came right up to cache in the carrier and hugged her. We were so surprised and grateful that our little chihuahua mix did not bite her or was afraid of her.

Jeanette & Alicia 

Geo & Cache

Jen is a great puppy trainer! She is easy to work with and was flexible with our busy schedules. Within the first couple of sessions our dog Milo immediately bonded with Jen. With Jen’s help, we were able to successfully introduce new commands which we continue practicing at home. We would highly recommend Jen for puppy training. Thank you!

Maria & Robert F. 


Jennifer took two fearful shelter dog sisters and helped them become approachable, responsive and obedient to basic commands. I would recommend her enthusiastically as she is good with our dogs and people.

Paul D.

Agador & Spartacus

I’d love to add you to my testimonials list!


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