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As a Dog Trainer in the South Mountain area, I make sure to give my clients and their pets the utmost attention and dedication they deserve. I’m proud to showcase the following testimonials from some of my valued clients. Read their critiques of my classes to check out what’s being said about me, and see why your pet should be training with me, too. Contact me now to get started.

Chocolate Mousse.jpg

Thank you, Jennifer with The Polite Puppy, for helping train "our people" to train our dog. Our goal was to get Chocolate Mousse (3yr old standard poodle) to respond to commands from the kids, play fetch politely, place on his bed, and stay through distractions. We loved that she came to our house to work with the entire family. Jennifer helped our good boy be even better. YEEESSS ;)

The Beltran Family

Chocolate Mousse


We took a dog in off the street. We knew nothing about his history. We had him scanned for a chip and tried to find the owner. We had no success. We loved him and thought that was all that was needed. We had him neutered and got all his shots. It became apparent that as much as we loved him and he loved us, we needed help to overcome his street history. The worst of the problems was "play biting ". We hired a trainer, got two training sessions and it only exacerbated the problems. We reached the point that we gave up and called the pound. They would not take him. We remembered picking up Jennifer's card and called her in desperation. She was at our home within an hour. She got his attention immediately and started with what we needed to learn. In the course of her lessons she trained the dog and us. Tanner learned to not put his teeth on us, to sit, roll over, and other things. We learned how he thought and learned. We now have a great dog and we learned a lot.  I give Jennifer 5 stars.

Bob & Sherry E.


Luca & Oreo.JPG

We highly recommend working with Jennifer. She is a very passionate and qualified dog trainer with "The Polite Puppy ". She has the knowledge and experience to provide great basic & advanced training to help with obedience & behavioral problems. Her passion for dogs and upbeat nature makes class engaging and enjoyable. Oreo & Luca went through 6 sessions of basic obedience training with Jennifer and they did great and learned much more than just sit and stay. She also educated us and helped us to remedy unwanted doggy behavior at home. 

It was a pleasure to work with her! 

Jaime & Brenda M.

Luca & Oreo

Reba & Tater.JPG

When our 2 rescues became impossible to walk and have company, I knew we needed help! I called the number on the Polite Puppy website and left a message to which I got a quick callback, which I did not expect but was greatly appreciated! On day 1 Jennifer was able to come in and get our 2 fur babies to back up and sit still. It was amazing! We learned a bit more each week as we eased into walking with a lead. While we are still a bit rough around the edges, we now have the tools to fine tune our skills as a pack 😁. 

Thank you Jennifer! 

Carissa & Michael P.

Reba & Tater

Pepper by Kelly & Kipp F._edited.jpg

I was referred by a friend to call polite puppy for dog training due to having issues with our mini Aussie.

Our little dog was scared or everything and had no confidence in herself at all.

I reached out to Jennifer via phone and scheduled a puppy interview.

Needless to say our little dog loved her and we began puppy training.

Buy the end of our sessions , our dog had more confidence and manners, not to mention we could take her for walks without being scared.

So if your needing a great dog trainer please give Jennifer a call.

Thank you Jennifer.

Kelly & Kipp F.


Frosty by Pastor Jess & Janet G._edited.jpg

We are very happy that Jennifer was the trainer for our dog, Frosty (and us!)  Frosty loved her and learned so much from her.  We would recommend her as an excellent dog trainer.

Pastor Jess & Janet G.



Our puppy Cora is very sweet but super fearful. We knew we needed help to boost her confidence. Jennifer gave us tools to work with her. While at the beginning Cora would not approach us, daily cuddle sessions are the order of the day now. She still has work to do but is a much more confident puppy thanks to Jennifer's help and expertise. Thank you for helping Cora enjoy her forever family.

Jose & Neritza V.



Thank you Jen for training Crow. He is now a well behaved boy and loves to show off his tricks.  We have come such a long way and you truly are a wonderful trainer.

Debi & Steve Y.


B & R 6.PNG

My husband and I rescued 2 year old, Cairn's. After speaking with 4 trainers, we decided to go with Jennifer. She agreed to train both of our dogs together, in our home. Her fees were very reasonable.  It became clear she knew all about dog & owner behaviors. Little did my husband and I know we too needed some training and corrective discipline for their success. From day one she was determined to see their success. She gave us tools needed, was punctual, attentive, and passionate about her life calling. Her teaching style is calm, intuitive, consistent and affirmative.  We would then reinforce everything taught and by her next visit we were able to move forward. If any question came up during the week, she would promptly respond to calls.  Our girls were quickly learning commands, walking etiquette and socialization. They love Jenn's visits and it's clear she loves them.  We look forward to working further with her. She has been a blessing to all of us!  We highly recommend Jennifer to anyone who wants to become proud parents of well behaved dogs.

Dave and Marianne B.

Bailey & Ruger


Jennifer was great with Sassy. She earned both of our trust right away as she is so knowledgeable regarding dog behavior. She taught me training techniques that I can apply to both of my dogs. She is so friendly and courteous, and you can tell she really loves what she does. Jennifer was very reliable and worked with me on scheduling the training classes. Her expertise is priceless!!!

Dr. Cheryl W.



Jennifer Matranga is the best dog trainer we have had experience with. Our BIG dog, Loki, was becoming more aggressive and too protective. She had a firm , but gentle approach to his training and helped him to become more relaxed around people.  She rapidly taught him basic commands, such as sit and stay.  He still responds to these. We just can't say enough good about her and give her our highest recommendation.

Cliff & Karen W.



Jennifer is the best! She is so patient, energetic, and kind. And funny! She helped me train Bruno, who is so full of energy and was sometimes not cooperative. She showed me new ways of training Bruno and gave a lot of helpful tips and even provided some handouts to help with training. There has definitely been an improvement with Bruno! Thank you so much! 

Deserae M.



Jennifer took the time to connect with the entire family and help each one of us understand the responsibility in properly training Sparky. Over the weeks we learned basic  techniques to build  structure and behavior for Sparky, our Goldendoodle.  Jennifer trained us as owners as much as training the dog, and helped us understand what we needed to do to have a Polite Puppy.

Nadia & Vincent



Not only is Jennifer knowledgeable, kind and allowed me to feel a connection with my puppy. She made and allowed me to feel confident and have a polite puppy.

Naiya H.



It was a pleasure to work with Dog Trainer Jennifer-she is literally the "Dog Whisper of Laveen!"
Our Dog Dozer was won over by Jennifer on our 1st session. She knew exactly what needed to be done in order to gain Dozer's trust and from then on training was very effective. Jennifer is very knowledgeable in her trainings with Dogs and very loving towards them. She also made it a point to educate her clients on dog safety and always had an item of value to present and request for her furry clients. I personally learned that it's not just the dog that gets trained it's also the humans who love and care for the dog. Thank you, Jennifer, for helping us train Dozer and us.

Marcy W.



Jennifer has been a great asset for us and Bubba.  She has skillfully provided us and trained us on the skills we needed to turn some of Bubba's behavior around.  She was able to explain behavior and help us understand the benefits to curbing certain behavior.  He is such a happier dog and we are happier too!  Thank you Jennifer!

Alyeska W.



We would definitely recommend The Polite Puppy-In Home Dog Training. Our pit bully B listens to commands. The training helped us communicate effectively with her.

Erica W.



Jen is such a fun trainer she inspired our older dog, Ladmo, to want in on the action.  He is now a hula hoop jumping pro. We love you Jen.  You are awesome.

Steve & Debi Y.



Thank you, Jen, for properly introducing me to our dog, Oliver.  Without your guidance I may never have known how incredibly intelligent he is nor would I understood his personality.  You accomplished all our goals and went beyond our original mission. We learned only a small fraction of your knowledge of animals. Thank you for your patience with Oliver and me. You are a wonderful trainer and fantastic person.

Steve & Debi Y.



Jennifer was so amazing to work with on training my puppy Parker. We had so much fun teaching him all different types of tricks and disciplines. She has such a great connection as well as understanding of dogs. Highly recommend Jennifer for anyone looking for training!

Riley F.



Jennifer was referred to us by our veterinary and trained both our puppy and us at the same time. Our six-week sessions got us through a several puppy issues, like Calvin jumping up on our counter tops. Jennifer stopped it in one session and of course we need to follow up in the process. Jennifer knows her training and has lots of good knowledge when dealing with your puppy. Calvin loved to see Jennifer come through the door every week with a smile!

Sergio & Michael P.


Milo's Pic.jpg

Jennifer is AMAZING! I love her communication & I couldn't be happier. And even after training, she was always available for any help over the phone or on a video call and walk me through different tactics! Milo and I are grateful for her help and patience!

Sarah R.


Charlie, Teddy, Oreo.jpg

Jennifer did an amazing job with our three dogs.  I never thought I’d be able to take three dogs out to walk together, and she made it happen.  She is passionate about dogs and her love for them shines through.  She is knowledgeable, reliable, and supportive.  Thank you, Jennifer, for all your help!

Merida & Jake O.

Charlie, Teddy & Oreo


We were referred to Jennifer, the owner of The Polite Puppy, by a local Laveen business owner.  We were in need of a qualified and reputable in home dog trainer to help us train our 16 week old English Springer Spaniel puppy. Now that we've finished the basic training course, it exceeded our expectations.  Jennifer is well prepared, knowledgeable and immediately addresses any puppy behaviors that need attention.   She uses techniques that are practical and they are now incorporated into our daily interactions with our puppy.  We liked the basic training course so well, we signed up for another 6 weeks.  We know that we all will benefit from it.  Thank you Jennifer.

Hank & Jane W.


Koda & Zas 6.JPG

Jennifer is amazing. She immediately established a connection to my dogs, who were distant with humans. They are not your cuddle bunny's at all. So, I had trouble training them on my own. That is, until Jennifer came to our rescue. Jennifer taught us how to use treats as training tools. My dogs became eager to learn and were doing all the standard tricks of sitting, down and stay in no time. It was great watching them catch on. Even better was getting them to stay while we simulated going to the door to answer the doorbell. Jennifer also taught them to heel instead of doing whatever they wanted when we went on walks. They were so unruly when walking and would bark and lunge at other dogs. Then Jennifer set us both straight and taught me as much as she taught the dogs. I'm now the one in charge and it makes for a better relationship with my dogs. Jennifer knows dogs. She made a connection with my pups right from the start.


Justine J.

Zas & Koda


Jennifer was a pleasure to work with. Within the first 5 minutes of her meeting our pup, Jen had an instant connection. She immediately understood her personality and exactly how to approach her training. We are very pleased with the progress our puppy made and all the tips Jen shared with us. We highly recommend The Polite Puppy!

Jeremiah & Gracie L.



I would 100% recommend Jennifer and her service to anyone looking for guidance with their fur baby. She is an extremely knowledgeable trainer and overall a great person. She taught me how to control my wild, overly excited GSD. Overall, her methods of training work and would transform the most unruly dog. Thank you, Jennifer, for your guidance!

Dulce E.



We have an 18 month Giant Schnoodle that suffered with social withdrawal due to COVID. In addition, she lacked responsiveness to commands which concerned us greatly. Jen came to meet us and worked on the social isolation piece and was quickly Lucys' friend/family and she began to trust again. The use of her techniques brought order and obedience. Welcoming Jen into to "train" Lucy was like having a friend over that your children want to confide in!!! "Graduation day" is a happy and sad moment because you hope your "child" learned enough and yet you hate to lose the teacher. If in doubt, try it out... You might just get a bigger blessing than you thought possible.

Tom & Amber P.



My pup Everest was described as headstrong by the vet. Everest pulled, jumped, barked, nipped, ran away and basically was and is a huge ball of muscular energy! 
I was getting frustrated after meeting 3 other trainers and getting zero results. Fortunately, a friend recommended The Polite Puppy.  I liked Jennifer instantly, she is very upbeat and professional!! Jennifer gave me encouragement to keep working with Everest. Plus she helped me to remove thorns deep inside his paw from a hike. She filed jagged claws and saved my arms.  She shared so many ideas and tools to make Everest a polite pup. We tried four different walking leashes and the last one that Jennifer brought is doing the trick.  I love that leash! Thank you, Jennifer, for your amazing help and expertise.

Gina L.



We rescued or should say Emmie rescued us in February...we didn’t know a lot about her, but knew she was an older dog who was on the euthanized list before the rescue took her. When we met her, we instantly fell in love, but also knew she was not good with other animals and I was afraid of walking her especially if we ran into another dog. I got Jen’s name & number from the local vet. I knew I needed training and not necessarily Miss Emmie needing training. The instant Jen came into our home for our first visit Emmie loved her! Jen was patient and kind, towards not only Emmie but me as her momma as I was a little fearful in what to expect. Emmie is so smart and Jen brought that out in her and taught me so much! I am so thankful there was a trainer who was patient and willing to try different things to help the both of us (pup & momma). If anyone is looking for that special person to help train their dog, Jen is definitely your trainer!!! Trainer & friend for life! Jen, Emmie and I appreciate all you have done and am thankful our paths crossed!!!

Heather K.



I want to thank Jennifer for training Mila , helping me too to be able to control my dog and for my dog to obey me and teach me things I never knew about dogs; she's the best dog trainer ever very kind caring lady.

Hallie S.



I would highly recommend my trainer, Jennifer, with The Polite Puppy. Her passion for dogs is remarkable and she makes the training fun and engaging. She has a vast knowledge with extensive experience in training and behavioral situations. She taught Nova and I so much more than I could have imagined. Jennifer you are awesome, thank you again for all the love and dedication that you put into these fur babies. 

Stephanie J.



Thank you, Jennifer for turning our wild puppy into a happy and well-behaved companion for us. You taught us so much in 6 weeks and we look forward to having you back for another series of training classes. Happy New Year!

Fred & Mary M.


Blue Jean.jpg

We recommend the Polite Puppy. Blue Jean learned quick commands week-by-week with Jennifer. Leave it, off, stay, come, spin, shake, roll over and down. Blue Jean knew sit already and is pretty good with crate and potty training. But Jennifer refined commands and taught us new ones. Blue Jean is definitely more polite but has to outgrow not jumping on new people she meets. She is a Black Lab, come on, she is an excited, 4-month old puppy but she is on the right track. We appreciate Jennifer's humor, kindness and abilities with dogs. Her knowledge is welcome and reassuring.

Perrin & Nicole R.

Blue Jean


Jennifer is a wonderful trainer; she has a wealth of knowledge and experience. She trained our 9 month old American Bulldog and became part of our family. Jen gave us all the tools, tricks and tips we needed to be successful with Louie’s training. My kids miss Jen and ask when Jen is coming back. Thank you so much Jen for all your help.

Olinda V.



I want to thank Jennifer for coming to our home and working with our puppy.  We learned basic commands such as sit, stay, leave it, down, off and spin which she responded to very quickly.  Our pup is a very high energy, very loving dog and is still a work in progress.  She jumps with excitement when she greets people she knows. With her being 10 months old I am hoping with time and training she will grow out of this phase and we will continue to work with her on this behavior. Other than that we are pleased with the training she received.


Patti Y.


Fab 3.1.JPG

I reached out to Jennifer as she had trained a puppy of mine in the past. I like her style of training and most importantly it works. I have a 5 yr old German Shepherd, a one yr old Rottie and one yr old Chihuahua.  Bigger dogs were causing us injuries when we walked them. They were pulling or should I say dragging us on these walks. All were barking and trying to chase people and other dogs. Total nightmare. After we got thru with the training not only was I able to walk them but my younger daughters were also able to. They are work in progress still but we do not dread having walk to them anymore. Thank you Jen!

Brenda O.

Rukus, Winnie & Pixie


Blu is my first official puppy, as a result I spoiled him and came up with excuses for his many "accidents."  As weeks past I can see that he was getting out of hand; chewing on shoes, feet, anything that he can get a hold of.  I was worried that I may not be the right parent for him , but I didn't want to give up either.  I started asking around about dog trainer help. GG’s grooming referred me to Jennifer that same day my niece found ThePolitePuppy business card. Jennifer came to evaluate Blu behavior and right away she assured me that "WE CAN FIX IT" that comment alone took the stress and worry away from me.  We started the training session right away and found that Blu caught on to everything quickly and was eager for the attention and to learn new tricks and commands. I just want to express how wonderful Jennifer has been and flexible with training session to items that I would like to focus on. I also learn tremendous of information from our session.  I can now say Blu no longer has accidents in the house and listens to me.  Having and meeting Jennifer has been a Great Game changer for me and Blu.

Elle T.



Jennifer came when my puppy was in the midst of a shy/scared/untrusting phase. Jennifer was patient and explained everything to me, including the behaviors Oakley was exhibiting and why, which was incredibly helpful to know. Over the course of our sessions, Oakley learned everything I needed her to (and then some)! This included sit, stay, down, off, roll over, spin, wait, leave it, drop it, and more! When we had any specific issues, like Oakley finding socks around the house to play with or passing people and dogs on our walks, Jennifer knew exactly how to correct these issues. She taught me how to communicate with Oakley, which has ultimately strengthened our bond. Everything that Jennifer said would happen with Oakley if we kept working with her on things, has happened, and it has been so awesome to see her progression over such a short period of time. I know that with the tools and feedback Jennifer has given me, Oakley will soon go from a polite puppy to a polite adult dog that listens exceptionally well! Jennifer with The Polite Puppy exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Rachel P.



Jen has been such a lifesaver. Cabo has learned so much, not just him, but us as well. At one point, we wanted to get rid of Cabo because we could not control him, but when Jen came, he was just a different dog! We could not thank Jen enough. Not only Cabo loves her, but my children adore her. She is the best!

Sergio & Lizbeth



Jennifer Matranga from the Polite Puppy is amazing! My dog went from wild and unruly to obeying commands and not jumping at all. She comes to your home and works with your schedule. She teaches the whole family how to interact with the dog.

Jacquedda V.



Dear Jennifer,

I want to thank you for training our babies. It was a great experience for us.

Because you are such a wonderful person and an excellent trainer.

We are very happy with your service and we are planning for an advanced training later once the kids are older.

I consider you a friend now and not just the trainer of our dogs. I am glad we met you and we had a chance to work with you.

Best regards

Gene and Paula

Loki & Lady Sif


Jennifer had a solution to every problem and used adaptive methods for what I was comfortable with. Training my Shepherd puppy at home allowed us to correct problem areas immediately. I highly recommend her services.

Anthony N.



We rescued Bella from a shelter and she was very aggressive towards women and children. We only had three weeks before family with small children were coming to visit. I originally didn’t think it was possible, but Jennifer worked with her twice a week and was able to calm Bellas fears to the point where she was no longer nipping at my wife and able to politely meet strangers. The family visit went great!

Allen S.


Geo & cashe.jpg

The best thing we ever did was take these girls to Jennifer.  We weren’t watching and a little girl about two years old came right up to cache in the carrier and hugged her. We were so surprised and grateful that our little chihuahua mix did not bite her or was afraid of her.

Jeanette & Alicia 

Geo & Cache


Jen is a great puppy trainer! She is easy to work with and was flexible with our busy schedules. Within the first couple of sessions our dog Milo immediately bonded with Jen. With Jen’s help, we were able to successfully introduce new commands which we continue practicing at home. We would highly recommend Jen for puppy training. Thank you!

Maria & Robert F. 


ag & spart 3.jpg

Jennifer took two fearful shelter dog sisters and helped them become approachable, responsive and obedient to basic commands. I would recommend her enthusiastically as she is good with our dogs and people.

Paul D.

Agador & Spartacus

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